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If you wish to set up a guardianship for a family member or loved one, Gautsche Law Group P.C. can help. As a compassionate guardianship attorney in Albany, Attorney Gautsche assists clients with a variety of family law and estate planning matters, including guardianships. We assist both clients wishing to name a guardian in an estate plan and individuals requesting guardianship through the court system.

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Responsibilities of a Guardian

In the state of New York, guardianships can be established for minors under the age of 18 or adults who are unable to care for themselves. A guardian can be appointed in a variety of ways, including in a last will and testament or by a court.

A legal guardian has a number of responsibilities in regards to the individual in his or her care. These responsibilities can include:

  • Making financial decisions and/or managing assets
  • Managing medical and healthcare-related decisions
  • Assisting with daily routines, including paying bills, arranging transportation, making living arrangements, etc.
  • Making decisions about education, if the individual is a minor
  • Handling all major (and minor) decisions on behalf of the individual

Whether you wish to ensure that your minor children are cared for in the event that you are no longer able to do so, or you want to make sure an adult relative is protected, our Albany guardianship attorney can help you take the necessary steps. Our firm can assist with everything from gathering and submitting the proper paperwork to providing preparation and representation during subsequent hearings.

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At Gautsche Law Group P.C., we understand that every situation is unique. Your family member, child, or loved one has unique needs, and we take this into account when assisting you through the guardianship process. We take the time to meet with you in person, understand the details of your situation, and work together with you to devise a plan that’s tailored to your goals.

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