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Helping You Navigate the Probate Process

Probate is the process that occurs after an individual dies and his or her assets are transferred to relatives, organizations, or other individuals outlined in a last will and testament. Probate is also used to settle any outstanding debts. In the state of New York, the probate process is initiated in both instances that the deceased did not have a will and when he or she did have a will.

Having an attorney by your side throughout the probate process can be invaluable, especially if a will is contested. At Gautsche Law Group P.C., our Albany probate lawyer can help you ensure that you are protected during probate. We keep your best interests in mind, offering personalized guidance and legal solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

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How Probate Works

After an individual dies, a representative of the estate must come forward with a valid will. Generally, this person will be the individual named as executor in the will. If no will exists, the court will appoint an administrator. The court-appointed administrator can be a relative of the deceased or a neutral public administrator (common in cases where there is a dispute over who should be the court-appointed administrator) who is paid by the estate.

While the state of New York has passed laws to simplify and quicken the probate process, it is still extremely valuable to have a probate attorney who can assist you with the necessary steps. Having an experienced legal professional on your side can help you ensure that there are no unnecessary delays, which can quickly become costly, not to mention extremely stressful.

At Gautsche Law Group P.C., we help clients with the following and more:

  • Filing a Petition for Probate of Will and Appointment of Executor
  • Gathering necessary documents, including a copy of the death certificate
  • Presenting the will before a judge/requesting formal appointment as administrator
  • Collecting all assets subject to probate and conducting inventory and appraisal
  • Handling necessary payments, including payment of debts, taxes, etc.
  • Managing the formal transfer of assets and property to beneficiaries
  • Providing representation in instances of contested wills
  • Advising clients throughout every stage of the probate process

For many, the probate process can seem overwhelming. Though it is not always as complicated as it initially seems, trusting the experience and guidance of an Albany probate attorney is a wise decision that can save you time, money, and hassle.

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